Todd Harris, M.D.

Banner Change: Spring 2020 Edition

Written by Todd Harris, M.D.

April 8, 2020 – Spring began a few weeks ago and – particularly after this past weekend – it became clear it was time to say Goodbye to Three Girls on a Sled whose carefree ride in the snow takes us back to a time before we had ever thought much about coronavirus and COVID was NO-VID.

Typically, our spring banner includes outdoor, spring activities (duh), but Young Girl and Online School seemed – given our present circumstances – to be a better fit.

[Aside: Of course, if your home is more like mine, this picture would need to include another, younger sister and some dispute about one of them “breathing too loud” and a father – numb to the sibling conflict – working feverishly to be sure the WiFi will produce enough bandwith for school and his office’s Zoom meeting that is scheduled to begin now.]

What Can You Say About This Past Month?

On March 5th we put up our first post about coronavirus disease / COVID-19 when Wake County announced its first case.

Over the last month, we have been gathering as much information as possible and processing it as a group. We have made plans and then remade plans as new information came available..

Medicine is always changing – changing plans is not necessarily a new thing. We always try to do things based on the best and most current information available.

The new thing was the speed of the changes – typically happening over years – these changes were happening over days and in some cases hours.

Let’s review all the changes at RCAM that are still current:

  • All well care is moved to the Duraleigh office – only well children accompanied by a well adult are seen for well visits at Duraleigh
    • We are scheduling only “essential well visits” at this time – those are well visits that have a vaccine associated with them
    • If you had some pressing things you wanted to discuss at a well visit that is on the delayed list, consider scheduling a TeleHealth visit (see below)
  • All sick child care was moved to the Brier Creek office – with a few twists:
    • Twist #1 – Curbside clinic was initiated for children with symptoms suspicious of possible coronavirus
    • Twist #2 – TeleHealth visits are becoming our new normal as a way to safely evaluate patients without the fear of increasing potential exposures
  • All RCAM staff are now wearing masks and gloves – at both offices – add to that lots of hand washing and not touching your face and cleaning rooms after every patient

All of these changes were made to be as safe as possible yet still available to our patient families, to reduce exposures, and to slow the spread of coronavirus / COVID-19.

TeleHealth Medicine

TeleHealth Visits have some limits though I am surprised at how typically they can identify something treatable or rule out the need to come to our office or the Urgent Care or the Emergency Department.

We have spots available. Call and schedule a visit. The steps are laid out here.

Easter Holiday is Coming Up This Weekend

Good Friday is an official RCAM office holiday, so this Friday the 10th we will operate like we have on recent weekends:

  • We will have an early clinic for newborns who need to be followed up from the past week
  • All sick patients will be evaluated through TeleHealth visits

Meanwhile, The Brian Carter Era Began at RCAM

Brian Carter is our new office manager.

He began to learn the RCAM secrets when he started in December but he didn’t take the reins completely until after February 28th when Debbie Maness retired as our office manager after 42 years (!).

He hit the ground running. Brian would probably describe it more like a chase – as in it felt like he was being chased by a lion – as his first week on the job was highlighted by a pandemic.

Brian has been great. More about him later, but it is about time we introduced him to our extended RCAM-ily.

If you see someone in our office wearing a tie that doesn’t feature Sponge Bob (Dr. Sena) – that is more than likely Briangive him a big Hello and Welcome.

Given the circumstances of his first month, he could probably use the encouragement.

Thank You

I am sure that everyone could use some encouragement.

The response of our administrative staff and nurses has been spectacular. The general day-to-day pressure on a pediatric staff is underrated, and now they quite suddenly have found themselves on one of the front lines of a pandemic.

They have handled some tough circumstances with a lot of grace and professionalism.

As pediatricians, we’ve had to work together even more than we usually do – Zoom meeting almost daily – making new plans and changing protocols that we just wrote. We have found another gear with how we work with and relate to one another and personally that has been great.

Patients and their families have even asked if they can help.

We have been gifted at least one box of N95 masks and numerous homemade masks.

Finally, the Raleigh pediatric medical community really stepped up. Specifically, Oberlin Road Pediatrics and Carolina Kids Pediatrics both sought us out directly. As it turns out, we didn’t need the help, but it meant a lot to hear from them, and we hope to return the favor sometime.

That’s how we’re all going to get through this – finding ways to help each other out.

Epilogue: Somewhat Related

For anyone still reading this, I had this post all ready to go late Sunday night.

I saved it to my computer and walked upstairs to say good night to my daughters.

When I returned, my screen looked entirely different.There were characters I had never seen before – and about 80% of my original post was completely gone. I tried to pull up the post I had saved, yet somehow that had been updated to the now-80%-gone post.

Buddy Caught Red HandedSitting two feet away from me was the cause: Buddy, our orange tabby cat.

He has a penchant for getting comfortable in odd places – for example, he loves climbing and lying on top of backpacks.

He is also well known in our house – as pictured here in what I call “Exhibit A” – for getting comfortable on my computer keyboard.

The post finally got done and I believe I have been forgiven for the words that came out of my mouth that night.

Happy Easter to everyone!

Try to enjoy what you can about being locked down with people who are likely pretty important to you – and try to ignore all of their loud breathing.

Todd Harris, M.D.

Banner Change: Winter 2020 Edition

Written by Todd Harris, M.D.

January 6, 2020Happy New Year to all of our RCAM families.

With the change of season, it is our tradition to change our banner picture – wishing an appreciative “goodbye” to Young Girl with Yellow Umbrella and a welcoming “hello” to Three Girls On a Sled (Editor’s Note: please operate all snow sledding devices with the utmost care, particularly when young children / infants are involved).

1-Flu Season Update: Ready or Not, Here We Go

Above are the last three years of flu data – including this year up to 12/28/2019.

This year’s numbers of new cases of influenza in the state of North Carolina is the red line that has been moving upwards the last few weeks.

The previous two years data is also shown on this graph and you may notice this year has begun the upward climb a bit earlier.

Therefore, if you are planning to get a flu vaccine, you want to do that pretty soon (NOTE: October and November are typically the best months to get your flu vaccine to be as ready as you can for when flu starts being active).

2-We Still Have Lots of Flu Vaccine Available

From the above graphic, you can see that Flu activity doesn’t typically peak until February – so, there could still be some benefit from getting your flu vaccine if you haven’t gotten yours yet.

3-Long Time RCAM Office Manager Debbie Maness to Retire After 41 Years

Debbie began working with RCAM as a nurse on May 1, 1978 when it was known as “Fleming, Edwards, and Goldman”.

Also in 1978:

  • Jimmy Carter was president
  • Smallpox was eradicated
  • First birth of an infant from in vitro fertilization
  • Stayin’ Alive” from the Bee Gees was the 2nd most popular song (How did that get beat out by Players’ “Baby Come Back” for number one?)
  • Grease was the most popular movie
  • Most TVs had about 3 channels (and no cable bill) and the number one show was “Laverne and Shirley

One day, Dr. Fleming asked her if she would be the office manager and – yada yada yada – its been 41 years and her last day before retirement will be February 28, 2020.

Debbie has seen our office through countless transitions: new Pediatricians, new Offices, Second Offices, computer systems, electronic medical records… and I think we had all those things happened in 2006. So, if you just multiply all that by 40 and you have an idea of Debbie’s spectrum of work.

Probably the hardest thing is not answering to just one person. Instead, she had between 3 and 8 bosses at any one time keeping all those physician-owners happy was the impossible task that was placed on her shoulders every day.

We have been so lucky to have had her fill such an important job for us for so long. I know of no one who has been more dedicated to the success of our office – who has put more blood, sweat and tears into it than Debbie Maness.

We have had some pretty big losses over the last few years with the retirements of Leigh Lehan, MD and Marjorie Carr, MDthis loss leaves just as big of shoes to fill.

[NOTE: We are excited that Brian Carter has agreed to fill Debbie’s role as RCAM Office manager after February 28th. More about him later. You may have noticed him around the office this past month as he has been taking some time learning the ropes.]

4-Holiday Card Record Eclipsed

Thank you for send us your Holiday Cards (Note: the above pic is NOT one of your Holiday Cards).

It is a highlight of our year when your cards cover the walls of our office.

This year a total of 319 cards were displayed in our Duraleigh Office. This surpassed last year’s previous record total of 278 cards.

We save your cards each year and display each family’s cards together. For the month of December we get a clear visual of our families growing and maturing.

Next year, add us to your list of card recipients:

Raleigh Children & Adolescents Medicine
Holiday Card Department
3100 Duraleigh Road, Suite 300

Raleigh, NC 27612


Todd Harris, M.D.

Banner Change: Fall 2019 Edition

Written by Todd Harris, M.D.

August 30, 2019 – In an historic first, we will be changing our website banner a wee bit early.

Fall doesn’t come until September 23rd but announcements have been piling up.

Also, the weather has been a little cooler (I know – I am sure we’ll be in the 90s by the time this posts) and college football begins a full schedule this weekend so here we go…

…we bid adieu to Three Girls on the Beach and hello to Young Girl With Yellow Umbrella in Autumn Park.

1-Dr. Carr Retires

This one will take some time to absorb and appreciate the significance of a career that spanned 40 continuous years at RCAM.

Dr. Carr would like me to keep this brief. May I refer you to the article below for (a few) more details.

2-Nurse Chessica Had Her Baby

Some of you have been following the pregnancy of Chessicaone of our nurses at our Duraleigh office whose name rhymes with Jessica.

She and her husband welcomed Baby Boy Parrish just a few days ago. He weighed 7 pounds 7 ounces.

They feel very blessica-ed. πŸ˜€

3-Pediatrician Formerly Known As Emily Ross, MD: Now Known As Emily Mims, MD

In the spring we reported that our very own Emily Ross, MD was getting married.

With Dr. Carr retiring and Emily now Dr. Mims, it is taking some time to update letterhead, name tags, door placards,etc…. but don’t let that confuse you when you see or hear Dr. Mims’ name.

4-Labor Day Holiday

REMINDER: It’s Labor Day weekend. As usual, we will be around.

5-Flu Vaccine 2019-2020

It wouldn’t be a Fall Banner change without mentioning Influenza (“Flu”) Vaccine.

Our supply won’t arrive before October (though it appears the pharmacies already have their supply). October and November are typically good months to get your flu vaccine. Injectible flu vaccine lasts about 6 months. If you get your flu vaccine in October, it should last through March – which is good because that is typically a busy month for flu. Stay tuned though as there have been some reports of early flu activity.

Todd Harris, M.D.

Banner Change: Summer 2019 Edition

Written by Todd Harris, M.D.

Three girls on the beach

July 1, 2019 – Whoa. Where did June go?

In case you missed it, we have moved from the spring banner, “Young Child Looks Like My Oldest Daughter“, to our new summer banner: “Three Girls on the Beach“.

A few goings on at RCAM this summer:

1-Camp Physicals, Sports Physicals, Well Visits

Their is a lot of wellness going around again this summer with a lot of families taking care of their annual physicals.

If your child needs a sports physical, your child’s annual well visit will cover that.

Also, remember that a sports physical is valid for sports participation in Wake County Public Schools for 13 months after the date of exam.

So, if your health insurance is like mine and requires 365 days between each will visit, you still have another month to schedule your child’s next well visit / sports physical. Don’t be pressured into going to an Urgent Care of Minute Clinic – taking your child to see their pediatrician for their annual visit is very important.

2-Nurse Shannon B. Had a Baby Boy

Many of you have been following the pregnancy of Shannon B., one of our nurses from our Brier Creek office.

A few weeks ago she gave birth to her baby boy. He weighed in at a healthy 6 lbs and 9 oz. Everyone is doing great.

3-Dr. Carr’s Last Day at RCAM is August 28th

Dr. Carr has been a huge part of Raleigh Childrens & Adolescents Medicine for quite some time.

Next month she will retire after almost 40 years of caring for the children of the Triangle.

How do you say goodbye to a legend?

4-Happy 4th of July

Reminder: this is a holiday week:

  • Monday thru Wednesday, July 1st-3rd: Duraleigh and Brier Creek Offices both open regular weekday hours
  • Thursday, July 4th – Duraleigh and Brier Creek Offices both closed for the Independence Day holiday; holiday coverage described here (in short, a limited clinic starting at 10am at the Duraleigh office)
  • Friday, July 5th – Duraleigh and Brier Creek Offices back to being open regular weekday hours


Todd Harris, M.D.

Banner Change: Spring 2019 Edition

Written by Todd Harris, M.D.

April 8, 2019 – Following our custom, now is the time we change our banner for the new season.

Formerly, “Children Frolicking in the Snow” – we now present “Young Child Looks Like My Oldest Daughter“.

1) Flu Activity: Much Less Than Before

The official message from the CDC website: “Influenza activity decreased but remains elevated in the United States.

Of course, a picture is worth a thousand words:

This graph depicts the last three years of likely flu activity in North Carolina (from the NC Dept. of Health and Human Services). It shows how this year’s flu (red line) peaked in February (as it usually does) and has steadily trended downward to now much lower rates as typically seen in April.

Official declarations on the efficacy of this year’s flu vaccine won’t come until later but early reports show it wasn’t bad. Preliminary results put this year’s vaccine effectiveness at about 47% (up almost 10 percentage points from last year).

TAKE-HOME MESSAGE: Plan to get your families flu vaccine for the 2019-2020 flu season in October.

2) As Flu Winds Down, It’s Time To Schedule Your Child’s Well Visit

Every child 3 years of age and older are recommended to get an annual “check up” or “well visit”.

School athletics, scouts, and most summer camps will also require that your child has an up to date physical and likely require their form to be completed so that your child can participate.

TAKE-HOME MESSAGE: Beat the summer rush. Call and schedule your child’s annual well visit now.

3) Upcoming Holidays at RCAM

The holiday office schedule will be covered again as we get closer to those holidays.

As usual – for these holidays – we will be available by phone for questions and in the office for visits for urgent concerns.

4) #BigTimesAtRCAM

  1. Last week, our very own Dr. Emily Ross got the pre-wedding pediatric medical office makeover (a.k.a. How many uses for exam table paper can you come up with?) from the RCAM nurses. Congratulations to her and her husband on their big day this past weekend. #BigTimesAtRCAM
  2. Also, you may remember Sylvia who used to work at our front desk (her husband is Steve – between the 2 of them, they worked about 70 years at RCAM)? She stands to win ten’s of dollars in the Unauthorized RCAM March Madness Pick ’em if Virginia wins the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament tonight. #BigTimesAtRCAM

Todd Harris, M.D.

Banner Change: Winter 2019 Edition

Written by Todd Harris, M.D.

Winter 2019 Banner

January 7, 2019 – Just a brief note because I know many of you carefully follow this: back on the first day of winter – December 21st – we replaced our fall banner depicting “Children Hugging in a Field of Hay” with our current winter banner: “Children Frolicking in Snow.”

With that technical note behind us – now – on to the important stuff:

#1) Influenza (Flu) Season Update 2018-2019

We still have flu vaccine for all patients except children 3 years and older with private insurance.

It is very unlikely that we will receive any more flu vaccine this season.

Here is a list of places where you can go and get your child a flu shot. We still recommend getting a flu vaccine as most of this season’s flu is still to come (in typical years, most flu arrives in January and February).

PLUG FOR NEXT YEAR #1: Get your flu vaccine next year in October. When you think of Halloween, think of a flu shot! October and November is when the flu vaccine is often in its best supply.

#2) How Much Flu are We Seeing So Far?

Pictured below are influenza statistics for North Carolina from about a week ago (the week ending December 29, 2018) for this year as well as the previous two flu seasons.

This year is the bright red line. You can see that this year is behind last year’s numbers (the dark gray line) for that particular week. You may recall that last year was a worse than typical flu season.

You can also see this year’s number of flu cases is beginning to rise a bit more quickly (see how the red line takes that left turn compared to the earlier trajectory).

That means – in the briefest of terms – there is a lot more flu to come (or as Mark Stoops would say, “We are just getting started bro.”).

# 3) 2019 – A Big Year Coming Up At RCAM

Dr. Muff Carrafter 40 years in the practice of pediatrics at Raleigh Children & Adolescents Medicine – will be retiring in August.

FORTY years! Holy Cow. Incredible. That’s a lot of children getting great care.

NOTE: Do NOT tell her I told you. It’s not a secret but she made me promise to not make a fuss (for those of you who know her, you know that’s classic Dr. Carr). I don’t think this is a ‘fuss’ but… you gotta find out somehow.

#4) Thanks for Your Cards!

Every December our staff gets a big kick when we receive your holiday cards.

We get cards for Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year – we’ve even gotten a few Halloween cards. We have chosen December – the time when we get the most cards – as the time to display them all.

We’ve even gone so far as toΒ meticulously save and file away cards from previous years – that way, when we receive a current card, we get to display it with all of that families past cards.

In some instances, we have cards from each year from families going back to 2008 (the year we got the bright idea to start saving your cards). So, when that family’s cards go up, they may have 10 or 12 including past years.

To say the least, we all love having a visual of your children growing up year after year after year.

This year we received holiday cards from 63 different families. Including the cards from previous years for those 63 families, we got to display a total of 278 family holiday cards.

PLUG FOR NEXT YEAR #2: I know that some of you are sending out cards and might not think of your pediatrician. It’s okay. We know. When your child is healthy, we are some of the last people you want to think about. Please… consider sending us a card (feel free to include cards from previous years; we have a lot of wall space we like to cover up in December):

Raleigh Children & Adolescents Medicine
Holiday Card Department
3100 Duraleigh Road, Suite 300

Raleigh, NC 27612


In summary:

  1. More flu is coming.
  2. We still recommend flu vaccine for this year.
  3. Next year: When Halloween comes, get your flu shot!
  4. Also next year, send us your family holiday card.
  5. Do not tell Dr. Carr.

Todd Harris, M.D.

October 20, 2018 – I interupt this Banner Change post for an IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT:

Flu Vaccine: Available for All RCAM Patients

We now have adequate amounts of both state-supplied and privately-supplied flu vaccine. Flu Vaccine Clinic appointment slots are now open all RCAM patients.

Whether you have private insurance… Whether you have Medicaid insurance... Whether you are uninsured… RCAM now has flu vaccine for all RCAM patients.

Call us at 919-781-7490 and schedule your child to get their flu vaccine.

2018-2019 Flu Season: Way-Too-Early Statistics

North Carolina Weekly Influenza Surveillance Summary 10-13-2018

Sure. There is some flu out there right now – that red line picture above that depicts the 2018-2019 Flu Season shows that there isn’t much flu illness out there… yet.

The amount of flu we are seeing now is nothing like what we typically see later during the more active parts of flu season.

Take advantage of the slow part of flu season and prepare. Do your part for your family and for yourself: Go get your flu shot.

Decrease Your and Your Family’s Chance of Getting a Serious Illness

By getting your flu vaccine you know that – by the time we get to the busy part of flu season – you’ve done what you can do to limit your chance of getting the flu.

That’s what you are doing when you get your flu shot: you are reducing your chance of catching a very difficult illness.

Flu vaccine doesn’t eliminate the possibility of catching flu. It also doesn’t cause the flu. It does cut your chance of catching the flu.

I like that. Less chance to catch a serious illness. Who wouldn’t want that?

Back to the Banner Post

It’s been autumn so long that the temperature actually feels like autumn.

We welcome a new banner picture.

Welcome, two little girls who are getting along very well.

Did I Mention that 3 of Our 10 Pediatricians Have Recently Given Birth?

Lately, it seems most of the chatter around RCAM comes back to Sarah, Lily and Jen and their recent new additions.

We all have questions.

How are they doing?

How is there transition to having two young children going?

Are they getting any sleep?

The talk eventually goes inward. Remember the exhaustion of caring for a new baby – particularly when you already had an energetic and attention-starved toddler at home?

Finally someone asks, How did any of us ever decide to go through it all over again and have another child? [Next slide please…]

Presenting: Moments that Make Us Forget How Difficult Raising Young Children Can Be

Todd Harris, M.D.

Banner Change: Summer 2018 Edition

Written by Todd Harris, M.D.

July 3, 2018 – Welcome to the banner change where, at Raleigh Children & Adolescents Medicine (RCAM), we officially move past spring and welcome the summer. This is a little late but – c’mon mana legend retired 11 days agocut us a little slack.

Therefore, without further ado, “Goodbye” totwo girls in field of marigolds‘ and “Hello” tochild peering over poolside‘.

Hot Weather Means: Time to Schedule Your Child / Teen’s Well Check

On Tuesday the WRAL thermometer got up to 97ΒΊ. Have you scheduled your child’s well visit / complete physical yet?

  • Here is the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended schedule of well visits as endorsed by the pediatricians at RCAM.
  • Among those recommendations: every child 3 years old and above should have a well visit / complete physical every year.
  • If your child might play sports in middle school or high school, keep in mind their school will require them to have had a well visit / complete physical in the last year. The summer is a perfect time to take care of that. Call us and schedule a visit.

School Sports Participation Forms

Be ready when you hear at the last minute that your child wants to try out for their school’s quidditch team. Instead,

  1. Schedule an appointment (919-781-7490).
  2. Download the appropriate form your school requires.
  3. Bring the form to your appointment and we will complete it at your child’s well visit / physical.
  4. Avoid a crisis and have a completed form ready to go before school even begins.

Here are some of the local school athletic participation forms:

Happy 4th of July!

It is a holiday week. Here is the next 3 days’ schedule at RCAM:

  • Tuesday, July 3rd – Duraleigh and Brier Creek Offices both open regular weekday hours
  • Wednesday, July 4th – Duraleigh and Brier Creek Offices both closed for the Independence Day holiday; holiday coverage described here (in short, a limited clinic starting at 10am at the Duraleigh office)
  • Thursday, July 5th – Duraleigh and Brier Creek Offices back to being open regular weekday hours

Todd Harris, M.D.

Banner Change: Spring 2018 Edition

Written by Todd Harris, M.D.

March 26, 2018 – In case you hadn’t noticed – this past Tuesday – calendar winter gave way to calendar spring.

At that time, we also snuck in our new banner – the cold and solitary ‘boy making snow angel‘ was replaced by this colorful and congenial ‘two girls in a field of marigolds‘.

Since changing to a spring-themed banner, it has snowed twice so we now recognize that the banner change was nothing but wishful thinking.

Flu Season Winding Down

  • That was some February.
  • As you can see, there is some flu out there still but not very much.
  • Start planning for the 2018-2019 flu season. Mark your calendars: September and October are good months during which to get your flu vaccine so you can be protected throughout flu season.

Well Season Cranking Up

  • Call now to schedule your child’s camp or school physical.
  • If your child has already had their well visit / physical for this year, remember that we can complete school, athletic and camp forms based on information from that visit. There is no reason that you would have to go to an Urgent Care or a Pharmacy Clinic for your annual physical.

Holiday Week Coming Up

  • Our office will be closed for routine business on Friday, March 30th in observance of the Good Friday holiday.
  • Our holiday schedule is very similar to our weekend schedule and both are detailed here.
  • In short, we will offer a morning clinic at the Duraleigh office for urgent needs on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  • For predictable needs – like medication refills – try to call before Friday.

Todd Harris, M.D.

Banner Change: Winter 2018 Edition

Written by Todd Harris, M.D.

January 3, 2018 – This weekend’s low temperatures have made me feel better about the choice for this year’s winter banner picture (look at that kid in the snow – not a care in the world – we should all be so lucky).

Living in Raleigh, when you think of winter you don’t quickly jump to snow, but – after temperatures in the teens this weekend – snow doesn’t seem like such a far-away, crazy idea.

[Editor’s Note: So it appears today we may see some snow; stay tuned if you have an appointment later today or in the morning]

Flu Season So Far at RCAM 2017-2018

Predictably, we are starting to see more cases of influenza (I would ignore our numbers from “Christmas Week” – many patients are out of town and RCAM had shorter office hours on a few of those days).

As of the week before Christmas, the CDC did categorize North Carolina as not having had as much flu (so far) as other states.

If you look at what the CDC website (click on picture below for link) is saying about influenza activity here during that time, North Carolina estimates were characterized as “local activity” (yellow) whereas most other states were considered “widespread” (brown).

That is nice for the time being but North Carolina probably won’t stay “yellow” much longer. It appears that January and February will likely be months where we see bigger numbers of new cases of influenza.

“OK, I Get It, Flu is Coming… What Should I Do If My Child Has Symptoms?”

Let me introduce you to a very helpful website.

Our friends at the American Academy of Pediatrics via have developed a very handy tool. The Symptom Checker provides background information about whatever illness or symptom you are asking about. It also provides guidelines for when to call and what care to provide.

Here is what the Symptom Checker says about influenza.

The online tools are good for quick answers, but sometimes you need to speak to a person with knowledge in that area (This happened to me with a gift I received this year. There was no instruction manual – unlike many, I like instruction manuals. There was no phone number to call and the online help wasn’t helpful. I really needed to talk to a person with knowledge about the product.).

So – please – feel free to give us a call if you prefer and let’s talk about it, person-to-person.

Big Thanks for Your Holiday Cards

A big thanks to everyone who sent us a holiday card in December. Our staff really enjoys seeing the pictures of our families and patients “through the years.” Some of you we displayed cards going back each year for 10 years. That is some real history.