Todd Harris, M.D.

Welcome Back to School 2018-2019

Written by Todd Harris, M.D.

August 27, 2018 – There has been lots of first days of school so far for 2018 since Tracks 1, 2 and 3 got started on July 9th.

This morning, 160,000 Wake County, traditional-calendar students get started and we at RCAM would like to say to all our student-patients a heart-felt,

Good Luck Today. Have a Great Year!”

Of course, many of our year-rounders have been in school for weeks to months. To you we add to the above, “Keep up the good work!”

One Reminder, Two Potentially Useful Links and a Video about a Fish’s First Day of Kindergarten:

  • Reminder: If your child suddenly tells you that they wish to play a sport and need a form completed, if they’ve been in our office in the last year for a well visit, we can fill out that form based on that visit. If they haven’t, give us a call and let’s get that scheduled. More information about getting forms completed here.
  • Useful Link #1: Last Monday, local affiliate ABC-11 compiled a county-by-county list of places offering FREE school supplies here.
  • Useful Link #2: Our friends at the American Academy of Pediatrics website have compiled MANY back-to-school tips here.

On to the Video…

[NOTE: information that could be considered practical or useful ended above]

There are lots of great first day of school videos out there (and by “video” I am talking about a scene from a movie the depicts the first day of school).

I first thought of “Welcome Back Kotter” – which on further thought is more of a song than a scene so I’ve gone off theme here – also, RCAM parents are likely too young to get that reference. Those that did get it – they would know that song is about a former student returning as a teacher which is definitely not applicable to any current RCAM patients so… we keep moving.

Most movies that include the first day of school typically present the outsider / new student awkwardly arriving for their first day. That can be a lot of fun on a movie screen but not in real life. We see that theme in scenes from some all-time favorites like Footloose, Mean Girls, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, and – my personal favorite – Grease featuring the awkward Aussie, Sandy.

For our purposes here, I’d like to feature this scene from Finding Nemo.

You will find no cynicism whatsoever in this depiction of a Kindergartner’s unbridled enthusiasm.

And – how bout Marlin (Nemo’s Dad)? Who among us can’t identify with a parent’s unflinching anxiety when faced with the appropriate parental duties of letting go.

Been there myselfprobably still am but we’ll keep in the past tense; don’t want to overthink…

But wait… On second thought – Marlin was kinda right, wasn’t he? His out-of-this-world fears were actually founded. The decision to start school was almost tragic for Nemo.

I’m going to rethink my decision to drop my kids off at school today. In the meantime, try to enjoy (don’t let me start a panic – keep in mind – everything does turn out just fine for young Nemo):

Todd Harris, M.D.

November 3, 2017 – When is the last time a pediatrician spoke up for Burger King?

Well – here comes a very favorable review.

I am giving Burger King 5 stars STAR STAR STAR STAR STAR for the following Public Service Announcement. 

Way to go BK!

Ask your children about bullying. Do they see it? Have they been bullied? Have they ever picked on someone else? Then ask yourself the same questions (actually – maybe that should come first).

The American Academy of Pediatrics offers some good advice here about how to ask and how to stay engaged with what is going on with your child when you are not around.


Todd Harris, M.D.

College Scholarship Awards Students with ADHD

Written by Todd Harris, M.D.

ADHD Scholarship

February 18, 2016 – RCAM recently became aware of a college scholarship from Shire that selects from applicants with ADHD who have been accepted to or are currently enrolled in an undergraduate program.

The details are listed in the flyer above. The student does not necessarily have to be on medication for ADHD to be eligible.

The deadline is March 9th.

Each scholarship has a value of $2,000 and includes 1 year of ADHD coaching services.

Last year there were just over 2000 applicants and 54 scholarships were awarded. Not bad odds for a college scholarship.

Four of the 54 awards given were to students from North Carolina.

Good luck to all of our patients making plans to attend college next year.