Todd Harris, M.D.

If you have a sick child…

Written by Todd Harris, M.D.

  • Sick children can be evaluated by one of our pediatricians either online through a TeleHealth visit or an in-person sick visit at our Brier Creek office
  • Our phone nurse is available to speak with you to determine the best type of visit for evaluating your child
    1. TeleHealth visits – In an effort to limit illness exposure, we may choose to evaluated your child may be evaluated through a TeleHealth appointment
    2. In-person sick visits without symptoms typical of Coronavirus / COVID-19 – these visits occur inside the Brier Creek office (exam rooms are sanitized between each patient)
    3. In-person sick visits with possible symptoms of Coronavirus / COVID-19 – these visits occur at the Brier Creek office Curbside Clinic

Somethings haven’t changed

  • The number to call is still 919-781-7490
  • Routine requests are still handled weekdays between 8am and 5pm
  • Urgent needs on evenings, weekends and holidays are still managed by our On Call Team
  • After hours backup number is 919-831-5526


Last updated 07/19/2021