Todd Harris, M.D.

October 14, 2020 – Planning to get your child’s flu vaccine completed for this winter’s flu season?

October is a great time to get that done.

Somewhat Breaking News: we have just ADDED MORE RCAM Drive Thru Flu Vaccine Clinics.

Notes about the Outdoor, Drive Thru Flu Vaccine Clinic:

  • First, let’s be clear: the flu vaccine is the best known thing to prevent flu illness. This year is as good a year as any to try to control what you can control.
  • The drive thru vaccine clinic has been very popular because it provides limited exposure and lots of time efficiency
  • Dr. Meares says we still have some gift cards for a free scoop of Goodberry’s for those who get their flu shot [FYI: these are available while supplies last and Saturday’s Goodberry’s flavor of the day is salted caramel ]
  • Another scoop not to be overlooked: we’ve noticed fewer tears from our patients who get their shot done in the drive thru
  • Flu vaccine is administered by appointment only

These will fill up fast. Call and schedule an appointment: 919-781-7490

Drive Thru The Flu!