Todd Harris, M.D.

August 28, 2019Short, meaningful story: One day in the late 1970’s, a medical student witnessed a pediatric resident spending her lunch with a young patient in the Burn Center at the North Carolina Children’s Hospital and thought to herself, “That’s the kind of pediatrician I would like to be.”

Story twist: Turns out that story includes two now former pediatricians from our office as the medical student was Leigh Lehan, MD and the pediatric resident was Marjorie Carr, MD.

Fast forward: June 22, 2018: Dr. Lehan retired from RCAM.

August 28, 2019: Dr. Carr retires from RCAM.

Summary: RCAM has said goodbye to two legends in the last 14 months.

Today was Dr. Carr’s last day. Tomorrow will be a different day for her. And it will be a very different one for our office.

Dr. Carr brought real passion and skill for pediatric medicine to RCAM when she arrived in 1979. if you are wondering about her impact, check out the reactions to a recent Facebook post about her nearing retirement:

Thank you Dr. Carr for forty years of attentive and excellent care for the children of the Triangle!

What you have been doing each day – caring for our most vulnerable and most important members of society – our children – has been so important and so splendidly done!