Raleigh Pediatric


Contact our office and schedule to attend a prenatal visit. These meetings occur near the end of our workday when one of our pediatricians will meet with a small group of new / soon-to-be parents. [COVID NOTE: As of March 2020, prenatal visits are performed over a ZOOM call]

After your delivery, your hospital’s newborn team will care for your baby and then let you know when to follow-up in our office. If you are not sure when your first visit should be, call and make an appointment for the day after your discharge – even if that day falls on a weekend or a holiday.



If you would like to find out more about Raleigh Children & Adolescents Medicine, we would be happy to talk to you by phone or meet you at one of our new patient sessions.


If you are a new family to our practice and preparing for your first visit, may we suggest:

  • From the “Forms” section of this website, download and complete the three (3) “New Patient Forms” and bring them to your appointment
  • From that same section, a “Records Release Form” is available to request medical records from any previous Pediatric medical office
  • If you have some specific issues that you would like to bring up with the Pediatrician, bring a list – the simplest questions can be the easiest to forget
  • If you child takes medication, bring those medications in their containers to your appointment – that helps us to be clear about exactly what and how much medication your child is taking
  • Bring your insurance card – most insurance carriers require that we document a copy at each visit (so bring it to all of your appointments)
  • Bring your ID – in late 2009, the US government began requiring medical offices to document by identification card exactly who is requesting care